Top Message

President & CEO (M.D, Ph.D)

Yo Iwami

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders and investors for your ongoing support.

Since our establishment in December 2004, we have developed our business in accordance with our mission of “Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients.” In August 2007, we launched MedPeer, a doctors-only membership community. The community amasses the experience and knowledge of individual doctors into a nationwide network—a “collective medical intelligence.” We operate this community in the aim of enhancing the quality of healthcare throughout Japan.

On June 27, 2014, we listed our shares on the Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the MedPeer Group currently includes two consolidated subsidiaries. Meanwhile, we are augmenting our management team in the aim of accelerating decision-making and increasing the efficiency of Group management. As a result, in the previous fiscal year we succeeded in launching new services, increasing transaction volume, and boosting the number of active users. Following on from these positive growth-oriented signs, in the current fiscal year we will harness the energy of all members of the Group to achieve further growth. At the same time, we will continue to aggressively pursue alliances, such as our business and capital alliance with Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd., which should further accelerate growth.

With Japan having already become what the national government terms a “super-aging society,” health-tech companies like MedPeer are being called on to use our limited resources to develop high-quality healthcare services that are also safe and secure. Although this presents a formidable challenge, we believe that by extending the success model we have established in Japan we have the opportunity to serve as a role model for aging developed countries.

The role of doctors, dieticians, and other medical professionals will only grow across the cycle from health promotion, disease prevention, presymptomatic disease and disease management to end-of-life care. While ascertaining the market background correctly, MedPeer aims to truly contribute to the citizens of Japan by combining the internet, the physical world, and healthcare. All the Company’s employees are working together to promote our business to this end.

As we take on these challenges, I ask for your ongoing support of the MedPeer Group.