- Reinventing Healthcare with Collective Intelligence -

Yo Iwami

Defining our mission as “Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients,” we have developed our business to revolutionize medicine through the collective intelligence accumulated through our services.

Japan is already a super-aged society, creating an urgent need to address problems with social security, particularly medical and nursing care costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly changed how healthcare workers communicate with each other and patients in the field and how we, as Japanese citizens, think about our health.

New challenges are also emerging, such as progress with working-style reforms for doctors in the medical field and the urgent need to improve productivity amongst healthcare workers. The environment surrounding the healthcare industry, of which our group is a part, is constantly undergoing a series of rapid changes.

In response, we are expanding our business to establish a healthcare value chain that supports healthcare workers and the health of individuals. Since the establishment of a healthcare value will produce solutions to social issues related to healthcare, we believe this is a significant mission for our group.

The healthcare industry directly impacts people’s lives. For this reason, high ethical standards, a strong awareness of legal compliance, and transparent decision-making are vital. Believing in the importance of supporting these topics through varied perspectives, we provide opportunities for a diverse range of human resources, regardless of gender.

As a company that contributes to the healthcare of Japanese citizens in the truest sense, we will continue to do our utmost to promote our business, helping to produce a sustainable society.

President and CEO (M.D., Ph.D.) Yo Iwami

Identifying Materialities

To meet the expectations and demands of our stakeholders, we have identified vital issues (materialities) that must be prioritized. By addressing these issues, we aim to balance continuous contribution to society with the enhancement of our corporate value.
We will regularly update these materialities and related initiatives based on changes in the external environment and dialogs with stakeholders.

Process for Identifying Materialities

  • Step1

    Identify Candidate Materiality Items

    We identify social issues highly relevant to our business activities and corporate culture by referring to international guidelines such as the GRI standards and evaluation items from organizations that evaluate ESG.

  • Step2

    Organize Materialities from the Perspective of Our Company and Stakeholders

    The items identified and organized in Step 1 are evaluated from the perspective of our company and our stakeholders.
    Items are also evaluated for importance through dialogs with shareholders and investors.

  • Step3

    Identification of Materialities by Our Company

    We evaluate the relevance of the social issues we have identified and organized to our management strategy through discussions at Board and management meetings. We then identify materialities that should be prioritized for action.

Process for Identifying Materialities
  • Realization of a sustainable society through the promotion of our business

    • Improve the productivity and improve the efficiency of the operations of health care providers
    • Respond to social issues related to the health of the citizens
    • Utilize healthcare data
  • Establishment of a foundation supporting the growth of a sustainable company

    • Recruit human resources with respect for diversity and develop a workplace environment which is easy to work in
    • Develop human resources who create new businesses and provide them with opportunities to thrive
    • Foster engagement by ensuring the health and safety of employees
  • Building of in-house systems for sound services operation

    • Take measures for privacy protection and data security
    • Strengthen corporate governance, starting with adhering to compliance
    • Appropriately manage intellectual property

MedPeer Group Value Creation Process

We defined our mission as "Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients." and realizing our vision of "Reinventing Healthcare with Collective Intelligence" We will continuously improve our corporate value by creating and providing value to all our stakeholders by addressing and resolving materiality issues.


Reinventing Healthcare with Collective Intelligence


Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients.

MedPeer Group Value Creation Process